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Personal Injury Attorneys and Car Accident Lawyers

The personal injury attorney you choose will determine if you have excellent results on your case or no results at all.

The Miley Legal Group has extensive experience in car accident cases, motorcyle accident claims, truck accident injuries, dog bites, wrongful death cases and other personal injury claims.  As a firm, we are different because of our experience and our client's experience.  

You probably never expected to find yourself looking at the website of a West Virginia Auto Accident Attorney.  Take a look at the information we have available for FREE.  We want you to be informed and take pride in knowing that we offer the most information in our area for free and up front.

Then again, you probably never expected a serious car accident or truck accident to happen to you or someone you love.  After the shock wore off, you most likely had many questions.  Here are the top 5 questions our office receives to get you started:Free Consultation car motorcycle accident attorney

1.  Do I need a lawyer?  Each case is different, however, it is important that your rights are protected and you have the resources available to ensure that your bills are paid and that you are compensated after your car accident.  Even if you are only a passenger in the accident, you need to protect your rights.  Our free case evaluation will help you determine if you need a lawyer.  For more information take a look at this video. 

2.  Who is going to pay my medical bills?  There are a number of methods on how your medical bills will get paid, ultimately, the person who caused the injury or car accident and their insurance will provide for your medical attention.  The Miley Legal Group will work with you, the insurance companies and your providers to take care of your bills.  Additional information on Med Pay can assist you in dealing with an insurance adjustor.  

3.  Do I really have a case?  A number of factors go into determining whether you have an accident case.  Specifically, the damage to your property and your person are ussually key factors.  Was the truck accident your fault?  Were you injured in a motorcycle accident?  We offer a FREE case evaluation that can work through those details for you.  Feel free to check out this video to get more information.   

4.  Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company or sign any paperwork?  The short answer is "No!" The insurance company is not out to protect you or your interests, they are out to protect your bottom line.  Take a look at our FREE report and get more tips on this question and other traps the insurance company will set for you after your accident.  Information they gather can and will be used against you when they offer a settlement or go to trial.  

5.  Are you the right attorney for me?  I am sure you have seen the many advertisements for personal injury attorneys all over your television, the internet and even bill boards.  Each of them want your business, including us, however there are a number of important factors to consider when hiring an attorney, including, what past clients have said about them.  You can request our book that walks you through the process of choosing an attorney and get the process started.       

Fighting for Maximum Recovery and Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track

At The Miley Legal Group, our clients are our first priority, and we  fight to help you receive the maximum compensation available for your injuries.  Every aspect of our practice is geared towards ensuring that we understand and address your needs, that your case is given the expertise and attention it deserves, and that you get the kind of ‘straight talk' you expect from someone you trust.  Our lawyers will help you understand the legal process, explain what to expect, and give you a candid assessment of your case.

But recovering from a traumatic accident is about more than just a lawsuit.  We work hard to help you get your life back on track  or deal with the loss of a loved one, and can assist in getting you help with a variety of post-accident challenges, including grief counseling, financial advice, social services and estate planning.  

Don't Lose Your Case Before It Begins

As soon as you can after an accident it is in your best interest to talk to an attorney.  Why?  There are a number of mistakes that any accident victim can make after being injured or losing a loved one - mistakes that can seriously compromise your case.

Before you sign any paperwork, before you speak with the other person's insurance company, and before you make a terrible mistake with your claim, order The Miley Legal Group's popular free book, "The 7 Biggest Mistakes that will Wreck your West Virginia Accident Case".  Attorney Tim Miley wrote this book because he was fed up with the way insurance companies try to take advantage of West Virginia accident victims during the confusing time immediately after an accident, and he also wanted to provide answers for many of the common questions he hears after someone has been involved in an accident.

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The Miley Legal Group can help you with your case in Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Fairmont, Morgantown, Weston, Elkins, Buckhannon and the cities in between.  We can provide additional information on these questions and others that you may have about your case.  Our attorneys have nearly 50 years of combined experience helping people in West Virginia just like you with auto accident casestruck and tractor trailer crash injuries and deathsmedical malpractice casesATV accidents, hunting incidents, gun injuries; workplace injuries and injuries from defective products.


Tim Miley
Lawyer, Author, & Owner of The Miley Legal Group

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