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Do You Have a Traumatic Brain Injury?



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Brain Injuries that go Untreated could lead to a DANGEROUS Health Risk.

Many of those that are injured in accidents are not aware of the potential risk of a brain injury. There is limited information that you can look at, and what is available online, is confusing and uses medical terms that are hard to understand. Brain injuries that are not diagnosed can lead to further health issues and could possibly impact every aspect of your life.  

Take a look at the checklist below and if you think you have any of the symptoms, you MUST get the full checklist. Once you have completed it, we encourage you to bring it to your doctor and let them further evaluate you. It is better to be safe than sorry

Have You Been in an Accident and Experienced ANY of These Symptoms?

  •  Loss of Conciousness at Scene of Accident
  •  Disoriented or Loss of Balance
  •  Sudden Changes in Mood
  •  Irritability/Impatience
  •  Difficulty in Remembering Facts
  •  Trouble Falling Asleep
  •  Slow Response when Questioned
  •  Hard Time Making Decisions

By the Time You Have Read Through My Checklist You Will See If You Have Experienced Any Potential Symptoms of a Brain Injury

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Common Signs of a Concussion


brain injury physical signs

Physical Symptoms of a Brain Injury


brain injury mental emotional symptoms

Emotional Symptoms of a Brain Injury


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