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accident bills

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  • Find information on how to deal with your medical bills so it doesn't affect your credit!
  • Discover how the amount you owe may be reduced because of your own health insurance!
  • Learn a quick tip on dealing with bill collectors! 
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Past Due Medical Bills from Injury

How to deal with the medical bills before they are past due.

Injury Accident Attorney Insurance Review

Find out how your insurance can help your case.

Questions for Accident Attorney

What to do if you don't have medical insurance and how to save your credit.

“I was getting put off by the insurance company and the bill collectors were calling. The Miley Legal Group really helped us alot!”

Dwight H. - Car Accident Victim


Help for All Accident Types

The information available in the checklist can be used for any type of personal injury, including: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accident, slip and falls, and even dog bite claims. You will find the information applicable to your accident whatever it may be.

West Virginia Car Accident Claims

Accident Claim Settled

Information You Can Use Now!

The information found in the checklist is based on thousands of claims that The Miley Legal Group has handled. In fact this is the same information that our attorneys use in handling each case. Follow the checklist to get immediate results.


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Don't let the STRESS get to you! Don't put off stopping BILL COLLECTORS from calling. Don't put off stopping INSURANCE ADJUSTERS from constantly harassing you! Get the information you need NOW to help deal with the ANXIETY that comes after an accident.

accident bills

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