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Questions for Accident Attorney

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Each case is different, however, it is important that your rights are protected and you have the resources available to ensure that your bills are paid and that you are compensated after your car accident.  

Who is Going to Pay My Medical Bills?

There are a number of methods on how your medical bills will get paid, ultimately, the person who caused the injury or car accident and their insurance will provide for your medical attention. 

What is the Value of My Case?

The settlement value of your case will depend on a number of factors. These include the extent of your injuries, how the accident has impacted your life, future medical treatment and a number of other factors.

How Much Will it Cost?

We provide our services on a contingency fee basis, in other words, you don't pay unless you collect money on your claim. There are NO costs to you up front, and our consultations are always FREE.

 "The personal injury attorney you choose will determine if you have excellent results on your case or no results at all. We are YOUR injury lawyers." -Tim Miley

"Everything was handled for our case by Doug and Nicole which took a lot of stress off of me and my husband. They kept us informed and involved throughout the entire process. We appreciate everything you have done. " 

Anne H. (August 2017)

"Excellent service and very professional. They worked tirelessly to resolve the issues and to help get the bills paid. I would highly recommend them to others."

  John P. ( July 2017)

I felt very comfortable working with [attorney] and [legal assistant] from the time of my first appointment... my health was always treated as the priority. That consideration meant a lot to me and will always be remembered. I would highly recommend The Miley Legal Group. Thanks for being there for me. 

Susan, (May 2017)

Don't Lose Your Car Accident Case Before It Begins!  

As soon as you can after an accident it is in your best interest to talk to an attorney. Why? There are a number of mistakes that any accident victim can make after being injured or losing a loved one - mistakes that can seriously compromise your case.  

Before you sign any paperwork, before you speak with the other person's insurance company, and before you make a terrible mistake with your claim, order

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Call or visit us for a free consultation to discuss your injuries. We also offer home and hospital visits for those who are injured and cannot travel to us.