When Dogs Attack: The Step by Step Guide to West Virginia Dog Bite Claims

Victim of a Dog Bite?

Get the information you need to deal with the aftermath of an animal attack.  

  • Find out what you should do immediately after being bitten. 
  • Discover what steps to take to confirm the dog is up to date on his RABIES shots.
  •  Learn what to do with the medical bills as they begin to come in. 
Dog Bite Victim

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Many of those that are injured by animals are not prepared for the aftermath of the attack. There is limited information available on how to handle a dog bite injury claim and what steps you need to take to protect you and your family.  

Take a look at the checklist below, it is just a sample of the important information you will find in this book. If you have any concerns or need additional information, request the book, you are under no obligation, we just want you to have the resources necessary to ensure that you know your next steps

What to do After a Dog Bite:

Dealing with the trauma of a dog bite can take its toll on families. There are a number of questions you probably have.

What Are the True Costs of a Dog Bite?


brain injury physical signs

What is the Long Term Impact of a Dog Bite?


brain injury mental emotional symptoms

Can I Get Compensated for Emotional Injuries?


How to Handle a Dog Bite Injury Claim.

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