West Virginia ATV and Hunting Accident Victims Turn to the Miley Legal Group

West Virginia boasts some of the best  terrain  for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy ATV riding, four wheeling, hunting, and dune buggy riding.  While most people who enjoy these great outdoor pursuits are conscientious and responsible, sometimes negligent or careless behavior causes serious accidents or unexpected deaths.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an ATV, four wheeling, hunting or  gun accident because of somebody else's carelessness, then you may need legal help.  You should not feel guilty for seeking the advice of a lawyer: for some accident victims, the only way they will get the compensation they need to pay for their injuries is to hire an attorney.

ATV Off Road Mud Puddle

ATV and Four Wheeler Accidents 

ATV riders can be seriously injured or killed in accidents caused by:

  • Negligent or reckless ATV drivers who harm or kill passengers by driving over unfamiliar terrain, driving too fast, driving while intoxicated, or driving without adequate experience.
  • Motor vehicle drivers who crash into ATV riders on secondary roads or other shared driving areas.
  • Negligent landowners who know of a safety hazard on property used by ATV riders but do nothing to warn of the hazard and don't fix it.
  • Careless landowners who put chains, ropes, cords or other obstructions across trails used by ATV riders.

Factors that could affect your ATV accident case:

  • Were you in control of the ATV or were you a passenger?
  • How fast were you traveling when the accident happened?
  • What kind of maneuvers were being done by the ATV driver when the accident happened?
  • What was the terrain like at the scene of the crash?
  • Were any modifications made to the vehicle or aftermarket parts installed before the crash?
  • Were you wearing a helmet and other safety equipment?

Were you injured in a RHINO 4 wheeler or dune buggy accident?  These vehicles have been the subject of a number of recalls due to poor product design and other defects..

Hunting and Gun Accidents

West Virginians can be injured or killed in hunting and gun-related accidents in a variety of ways:

  • Accidental shooting of a shotgun, rifle, handgun, bow and arrow or other weapon by somebody not paying attention or engaging in unsafe behavior.
  • Hunting accident caused by a defective tree stand or other hunting accessory.
  • Being accidentally shot by somebody else while duck, turkey, deer, or rabbit hunting.
  • Improper or unsafe storage of weapons or ammunition in a home or hunting cabin.
  • Guns and ammo not properly kept away from children.
  • Being shot while somebody cleans or shows off a gun in an unsafe manner.

 If you are injured in a hunting accident, the homeowner's insurance of the person who shot you is responsible for paying for your medical care and other accident-related costs.  Do not hesitate to protect your rights if you were injured by somebody else's negligence. Let us fight like a tiger for you!

When seeking legal advice, please make sure you find a lawyer with experience handling ATV and hunting accident cases in West Virginia.  The attorneys at the Clarksburg-based Miley Legal Group have a history with these types of accident cases and will fight hard to secure justice for your injuries.

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