West Virginia Natural Gas Injury Lawyers

Natural Gas Industry Accidents in Fairmont, Morgantown and Surrounding Areas     

     As the natural gas industry has grown in our area, so does the increase amount of workers along with an increased amount of safety hazards.  We see in the news everyday the incidents that occur in the oil and gas fields in our region, whether they could have been prevented or not.  You hear about the expansion of the industry in Fairmont, Clarksburg and even up to Morgantown.  As the industry grows and gathers the millions of dollars worth of natural gas and distributes, it there can be safety hazards.

     If you are a worker in the industry, as many of our friends and family have become, it is important to understand the dangers and take every precaution to prevent injuries such as

  If you are injured in any of these types of accidents, you are eligible for compensation to take care of your lost wages, pain, suffering and medical bills.  It is important to have an attorney that has experience in this area to identify what is available for your recovery.  Victims of these types of accidents face large hurdles that are set up by insurance companies, defense attorneys, and even their own employer.  There are specific tricks of the trade that will be utilized to minimize a claim and save the insurance providers as much money as possible.  This could include devaluing your claim through expert medical testimony and even offering a settlement before full medical treatment is provided.  

Natural Gas Injury Lawyer

     You need an attorney on your side that is experienced in dealing with the insurance company and also provides you with the information you need to fully recover.  Many attorneys in our area advertise that they can help you collect, but in most cases, it is more important for the family to understand what occurred and how to prevent it in the future.  We can help you collect, but more importantly we can assist you in gaining an understanding of the process and what can be done to further prevent these types of accidents from occurring again.  


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