West Virginia Poison Center Concerned Over Dangers of Concentrated Detergent Packet

Tim Miley
Injury Lawyer, Author, & Owner of The Miley Legal Group
Posted on Jun 30, 2012

WSAZ reports that while poison centers receive several calls every year about children consuming laundry detergent, the smaller more concentrated packets seem to be more dangerous.West VirginiaPoisonCenter is aiming to increase awareness of their dangers in parents and caregivers. 

The danger of the single-dose packs lies in their size, shape, and texture. Small, colorful, and squishy they are exceptionally attractive to young children. The dangerous product can easily be mistaken for a toy or candy. 

Poison centers have seen a markedly increased number of calls regarding children who put the packets in their mouths or get the contents in their eyes leading to severe injuries. Unlike exposure to regular detergent, which often causes mild stomach upsets or no symptoms at all, exposure to the single-dose packs usually results in hospitalization. Some children have suffered excessive vomiting, wheezing, gasping, drowsiness and trouble breathing. 

It is possible that this recent increase in cases reported by the West Virginia Poison Center will spark more than just increased awareness about the dangers of this product. A dangerous product such as this should be appropriately labeled so that people with small children know exactly what it is they are bringing into their household. 

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