Tree Stand Falls Are Leading Cause of Hunter Injuries

Posted on Nov 30, 2010

November 29, 2010 - Medline Plus reports that according to a study from Ohio State University, falls are the leading cause of hunter injuries. While gun injuries have always been a concern when it comes to hunting, it is likely that falls from tree stands may be a bigger concern.

This comes after researchers conducted a study on hunting injury admissions at 2 Ohio hospitals over the past 10 years. Of 130 hunter-related injuries, half of them involved falls and 29% were related to gunshots. Of the falls, 92% were the result of a fall from a tree stand.

Other findings from this study include:

  • failure to use a safety harness attributed to most falls;
  • drugs and alcohol were a factor in less than 10% of injuries;
  • 59% of the victims suffered fractures;
  • 8.2% of the victims suffered permanent neurological damage; and
  • 81% of the victims had to undergo surgery for their injuries.  

Although this study was conducted in Ohio, researchers indicate that the risk of falling from a tree stand is significant for hunters in any state.

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