Tim Miley Elected to 4th Term in West Virginia’s House of Delegates

Clarksburg personal injury lawyer and incumbent, Tim Miley, was elected to serve a 4th term as part of the West Virginia Legislature in the West Virginia House of Delegates for the 41st District.  Tim Miley joins 3 other democratic incumbents that were re-elected in the November 2nd election and garnered 15% of the vote, the most of any candidate running for District 41.


Tim Miley is excited to take on another term in West Virginia's House of Delegates and fighting for the rights of individuals and small businesses in West Virginia. As part of his re-election, Tim Miley will continue to serve as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for the House of Delegates. This vital role allows Tim Miley to help advocate for bills that should become law and fight against legislation that would be harmful to businesses, citizens, and the state of West Virginia.


As he begins another 2-year term with the House of Delegates, Tim Miley will continue to focus his efforts on:


  • legislation to toughen criminal penalties, especially those that involve crimes against children;
  • fighting for improvements throughout the West Virginia educational system;
  • fostering and energizing the West Virginia economy by reducing tax and regulatory barriers that often hinder the state's business climate; and
  • protecting the rights of individuals and consumers.


As a small business owner himself, Tim Miley is also dedicated to promoting the roles and growth of small businesses throughout West Virginia. You can learn more about Tim Miley's advocacy for victims of personal injury accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products that harm consumers through the Miley Legal Group website.