When a Hospital Commits Medical Malpractice in West Virginia

We trust medical professionals to provide quality care to ensure our health, which makes it so heartbreaking when they don't take the proper precautions to protect patients from injury. If you are the victim of medical malpractice in West Virginia, a Clarksburg med mal attorney can evaluate your case to determine if you are eligible to recover damages for the hospital's negligence.

What constitutes medical malpractice in West Virginia?

To have a successful medical practice claim in West Virginia, your Clarksburg med mal attorney must help you prove each element of your case. First, you must show that the hospital's medical professional had a duty of care for you, and breached this duty by acting in a manner outside of the hospital's reasonable standard of care.

To prove this, your Clarksburg med mal attorney may call on a medical expert to testify on your behalf and provide documentation on how he or she would act differently when handling your healthcare treatment. They can also weigh in on various standards and practices that are common in the healthcare profession.

Types of Medical Malpractice in West Virginia

Medical malpractice may occur as the result of the hospital's negligence, wrongdoing, or failure to provide a proper diagnosis for your illness or other condition.

The most common types of medical malpractice in West Virginia include:

  • implements left in the body after surgery;
  • prescribing the wrong medication
  • improper dosage or administration of medication;
  • failure to diagnose;
  • anesthesiologist errors;
  • surgical errors; and
  • birth injuries.

It is worth noting that doctors are not the only healthcare providers who are capable of medical malpractice in Virginia; nurses, orderlies, and even janitorial staff can act in a manner that causes serious harm to patients. An experienced Clarksburg med mal attorney can thoroughly investigate your case to determine who is liable for your injuries and can gather evidence to strengthen your claim.

Settlements for Medical Malpractice in Virginia 

Because most physicians and hospitals carry their own medical malpractice insurance, your Clarksburg med mal attorney can negotiate with the insurance provider to obtain a fair settlement. Should this tactic prove unsuccessful, your lawyer can file a lawsuit in court to let a judge or jury to determine an appropriate amount of damages.

If you win your medical malpractice claim in West Virginia, you may be awarded compensation for medical treatment necessary to help you recover from your injuries, lost income, and pain and suffering. You may also be awarded punitive damages for the medical professional's actions.

Contact a Clarksburg Med Mal Attorney

When hospitals act in a negligent manner toward their patients, the results will likely be life-changing. Although there will be a lot of questions and important decisions to make during this time, choosing the right legal representation can help you make the most informed decisions possible while you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. The Miley Legal Group in Clarksburg will work with you to fight for the compensation you deserve and help you to move on with your life. Contact us today for a FREE consultation - 304-326-1800.