West Virginia Hunter Safety for Rifle and Bow (Part A)

Hunting season for certain types of game is well under way in West Virginia. While hunting is an enjoyable activity and important way of life for many in the state, the potential for a hunting accident in West Virginia is high. By demonstrating hunter safety in West Virginia, you may be able to protect yourself and other hunters, as well. By following some important safety tips you can avoid serious injuries or even death.

Unfortunately, while you may do everything you can to prevent a hunting accident in West Virginia; the negligence of another could lead to devastating consequences. A Clarksburg hunting accident attorney can help you determine if negligence led to your injuries. In addition, a Clarksburg hunting accident attorney can assist you in filing a personal injury claim and can help you pursue damages for your injuries.

Hunting Season in West Virginia

While there is a variety of game that can be hunted in West Virginia, deer is arguably the most pursued. In West Virginia, the deer archery season for 2010 runs from October 16 to December 31. The deer season runs from November 22 to December 4. 

No matter what type of game you prefer to hunt, whether you use a bow or rifle, hunter safety in West Virginia is vital in order to avoid serious and even fatal injuries. By following some important hunter safety tips, you can make this season of hunting in West Virginia an enjoyable one.

Hunter Safety in West Virginia

One of the most important safety measures you can take is to wear clothing that makes you visible to other hunters. West Virginia has recently made changes to some of its hunting regulations. One of them is that hunters are required to wear at least 400 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing, which can include a vest, pants, jacket and/or cap. 

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