Types Of Damages That Can Be Collected In A Dog Bite Claim (Part A)

Tim Miley
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Getting bit by a vicious or even seemingly friendly dog can downward spiral pretty quickly. One minute you are carrying on with life as usual, and the next you are reeling — and possibly bleeding pretty badly — from an attack. Whether it was by a neighbor’s dog or some unknown dog that simply showed up near you and attacked, you can file a dog bite claim and have the situation remedied as soon as possible. 

However, filing a dog bite claim should be handled only after consulting with an experienced Morgantown dog bite attorney. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration after a dog attack has occurred, including finding identification on the dog if an owner is not located nearby and communicating with the owner. It also includes contacting the authorities and filing a full report on the matter. 

It is important to have the dog attack on file because there is a chance that the dog may have bitten other people like you in the past. If this is the case, then it actually can help your case. In West Virginia, there is a one-bite rule in which the owner and dog are not necessarily at fault if the attack was an isolated incident. However, if the dog and its owner have had more than one dog bite claim filed against them, then the case will fall more heavily in your favor and you can be eligible to collect a higher amount in damages

If you can easily and thoroughly prove that the dog’s owner was negligent and that the attack could have easily been prevented, then there is a greater chance that you can collect more in damages. Of course, working with a Morgantown dog bite attorney will help ensure a more successful outcome, both financially and legally. 

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