7 Common Car Accidents Causes & Types of in West Virginia

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Driving is a privilege, and all drivers are expected to adhere to the rules of the road and operate their vehicles with care. But not all drivers do, and that leads to serious car accidents. Below are three common car accident causes or contributing factors, and four common types of accidents of which Clarksburg drivers should be aware.

Whatever the type of accident, certain driver behaviors often cause or contribute to serious accidents. These careless or reckless actions can result in others suffering severe or fatal injuries.

Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents: Impairments

Impaired driving is a serious issue that includes not only alcohol intoxication and being under the influence of street drugs, it may involve other legal medicines. For instance, some over-the-counter and prescription medications may cause drowsiness. Any type of impairment could result in difficulty with judgment, reasoning and other skills necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle.


Another common cause or contributing factor for an accident is speeding. Drivers who exceed the posted speed limit may also run stop signs or red lights. They sometimes engage in other reckless behavior such as weaving in and out of traffic. And if the driver has to suddenly slow down or stop, it could be nearly impossible to do so safely. Speed can increase the severity of the accident too.


Another cause of auto accidents is distracted driving which can come in many forms, such as:

  • talking on a cell phone;
  • texting;
  • using a global positioning satellite (GPS) device;
  • eating;
  • drinking;
  • grooming;
  • reaching for an object;
  • carrying on a conversation with passengers; and
  • daydreaming.

Anything that draws attention away from the road increases the risk of an accident. Some types of accidents especially prone to result in serious or life-threatening injuries. Below is a list of types of accidents that may cause serious accidents.

Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents: T-Bone (Side Impact)

Although this type of crash can happen anywhere, it many times occurs at intersections. With vehicles traveling different directions, there is a greater chance of a side impact collision.

What makes these especially dangerous is that there is less protection to the occupants because it’s just a door and window between the driver or passenger in the vehicle and the other car. T-bone accidents are oftentimes a matter of who had the right of way. Or they are the result of a driver who blatantly goes through a red light or stop sign.


With head-on collisions there is a little bit more protection because the front end of the car is between the occupants and the other vehicle. But at a high rate of speed, it can be one of the deadliest. Especially if the driver or passengers aren’t restrained, which can cause them to go through the windshield. Oftentimes these accidents occur when someone veers off their side of the road or is driving the wrong direction, perhaps because of intoxication.


Certain kinds of vehicles are prone to rollover in a crash; for instance, those that are taller and narrower, such as SUVs. Occupants can be thrown from their vehicle in this type of crash, which many times results in fatal injuries. One way to reduce the risk is by wearing a seat belt. It should also be noted that speeding and/or impairment can be contributing factors in this type of crash.

Rear-End Collision

Although these types of accidents don’t typically result in life-threatening physical harm, they can cause serious neck and back injuries that leads to long-term or even permanent disability. Most of the time a rear-end crash occurs when the driver from behind was following too closely. But it can also be the result of distraction or not paying attention. 

When It Might Be Necessary to Seek Legal Counsel after an Auto Accident

If there were no injuries or they were minor it’s usually not necessary to obtain legal counsel. However, injuries of a serious nature or crashes that result in fatalities will typically require help from an attorney. It’s the best way to learn about legal options available and what steps to take to protect one’s rights.

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