What parties may be held liable for a truck accident, other than the truck driver?

Driving on the highway means that you’ll likely come in contact with a large truck. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in a truck accident that can leave you dealing with serious and possibly life-threatening injuries. If you plan to pursue a claim with a Clarksburg attorney, you’ll first need to determine who is at fault. Your first inclination may be to go after the driver, but sometimes he or she isn't the one to blame. 

Other possible liable parties can include: 

  • The truck owner – The truck's owner is responsible not only for making sure the vehicle is in proper working order but also has a duty to ensure the operator is qualified to do so. If it is found that the owner failed to comply with these requirements, he or she may be held liable.
  • The truck driver's employer – The employer of the driver may be liable in a truck accident if the driver was required to act outside of normal job duties or if the company failed to train the driver properly.
  • The shipping company – If the truck was shipping a load of cargo, and the company failed to secure the cargo properly or does not give complete instructions on how it should be handled, it may be responsible if a crash results from an issue with the cargo. 


The next step after determining who is at fault is contacting a Clarksburg truck accident attorney to get started on a claim. The Miley Legal Group offers free consultation for you find out what your legal options and rights are – (304) 326-1800.

Tim Miley
Injury Lawyer, Author, & Owner of The Miley Legal Group