What is insurance fraud, and how can I protect myself from insurance fraud in the event of an accident in West Virginia?

Insurance fraud is attempting to collect benefits or compensation when you have no legal right to them. If you believe you've been the victim of insurance fraud after an accident in West Virginia, then you should consult a Bridgeport car accident lawyer. A lawyer can explain how you can protect your rights and your claim.

One of the most common ways that insurance fraud is conducted is through lying. An individual may lie about the circumstances surrounding the accident. 

For instance, if the other driver in an accident was drunk and struck you but quickly switched places with a sober passenger before you or the police encountered them, this would be fraud. If the real driver failed to tell the truth about who was driving, then he or she lied.

Drivers also may lie about the cause of the accident. They may have been texting while driving but either deny it or don't admit to it. 

The accident isn't the only factor in which lying can take place. The other party may exaggerate injuries.

In order to protect yourself from insurance fraud, you need to be aware of ways that other drivers may try to con you.
For instance, you may encounter a driver who attempts to cause an accident but make it look like you were at fault. Having legal help in a situation like this is the best way to protect your rights.

When you've been the victim of insurance fraud after an accident in West Virginia, then your next call should be to a Bridgeport car accident lawyer

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