What is a manufacturing defect and how might that be important to proving my West Virginia defective product claim?

A manufacturing defect occurs during the time a product is being manufactured, or made. A manufacturing defect does not necessarily have to be known or caused with ill intent. If a product leaves the manufacturing process with a flaw that poses a serious danger to consumers and ends up causing injuries, this may be considered a defective product. 

Since defective product claims can be extremely complicated and require adequate proof, it is best to consult with an attorney, as filing a West Virginia defective product claim requires knowledge of these types of cases.

Proving a manufacturer's mistake or negligence led to a defect or flaw in a product is an important component of your case. In some situations, the manufacturing defect may be obvious and can be easily proven simply by presenting the product.

If the defect is not obvious, an attorney will need to gather substantial evidence to support your West Virginia defective product claim. This may include a collection of product facts, the events that led up to your injuries, and examples of previous situations in which injuries resulted from that particular product.

Since this can be a complex type of case, you need the assurance of having a skilled attorney on your side.
Pursuing a West Virginia defective product claim may be challenging, but when a manufacturer's mistake causes you to suffer serious injuries, you have the legal right to seek compensation. Consulting with a West Virginia defective product attorney should be your next step after a manufacturer's mistake causes you harm.

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