I'm self-employed. How can I recover lost wages after a car accident in West Virginia?

If you're self-employed, you can gather information about your lost wages with the help of a forensic economist to help prove your losses after your car accident in West Virginia. You can also speak to a Bridgeport injury lawyer about your case and get help in determining the value of your claim.

It's difficult to track lost self-employed income accurately, and you'll usually need to acquire the help of a forensic economist to compile all of your financial data.

A forensic economist, a specialist who deals with economic losses, can try to follow your business' financial paper trail and estimate the amount of your lost wages. 

After your car accident in West Virginia, you may be entitled to compensation for:
  • lost income;
  • loss of earning capacity;
  • lost profits;
  • loss of your customer's good will; and
  • lost business opportunities. 

It can be difficult to prove these losses, but being prepared can help speed the process. You'll need to collect your previous years' tax returns, as well as letters from potential clients that illustrate how your missed meetings have led to reduced business income because of your accident.

It's difficult to show your losses on paper as a self-employed individual, especially given that past financial data doesn't necessarily reflect your current status or that of the future.

However, you can enlist the help of a Bridgeport injury lawyer with experience helping self-employed people work through their injury claims. By being prepared and working with a reliable team of professionals, you can pursue the compensation you're entitled to.

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