How do I know if my infection was the result of a hospital error?

Determining whether your infection was the result of a hospital error is a difficult task. A Bridgeport injury attorney-with the help of a qualified medical team-would need to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your infection to determine if negligence was the cause. 

If a Bridgeport injury attorney finds that your hospital infection was due to medical negligence and the infection has caused you significant damages, you may be able to file a West Virginia medical malpractice claim.

A Closer Look at Hospital Infections

Developing a hospital infection is not a rare occurrence, but the consequences can be life-threatening and even fatal.
When medical negligence leads to a hospital infection you may be entitled to hold the hospital and/or medical staff liable for your injuries.

A hospital infection is not rare because of the amount of infectious agents present in a medical facility. When dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ill patients are moved through a hospital in any given week, there is an increase in the potential for an infectious agent to spread.

Causes of a Hospital Infection

While some patients-such as those with a lowered immune system-may be more susceptible to a hospital infection, anyone can develop one. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff have a responsibility to ensure that pathogens are not passed along.

If there is a failure to wash hands, change gloves in between patients, use sterile equipment and change bedding a patient is placed at unnecessary risk of developing a hospital infection. 

Since hospitals and their staff are well aware of the risks, it is up to them to do all they can to prevent infections from spreading. A failure to do so could be a case of medical negligence and result in the filing of a West Virginia medical malpractice claim.

A Bridgeport injury attorney who has experience in cases involving medical negligence can take the time to sit down and discuss your case with you to determine if your hospital infection was due to medical negligence and if you should proceed with filing a claim.

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