West Virginia Defective Product Claims: Defective Brakes Tips

After you have been in an accident caused by a faulty brake system, it is strongly advised that you meet with a Clarksburg product liability attorney to discuss your accident and legal options regarding West Virginia defective product claims. Not every case will warrant the need for a lawsuit, so consulting with an attorney is a smart choice.

Pursuing West Virginia Defective Product Claims

After meeting with a Clarksburg product liability attorney, if filing a claim would be in your best interest, hiring an attorney to help you would be strongly recommended. This type of claim is more complex than an ordinary auto accident injury claim. An accident stemming from faulty brakes can be dangerous for you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. 

Instead of suing an individual, you will be filing a claim against a manufacturing company or auto body shop for their negligence
. This will require a thorough investigation of your vehicle to discover and prove the exact cause of fault in the product. You should only pursue a claim if the accident was in no way caused by your own negligence. If it is discovered that you are partially at fault for the accident, your claim may be denied.

Contact a Clarksburg Product Liability Attorney

Unfortunately, car accidents are a regular occurrence on West Virginia roadways such as I-79, I-77, Route 50, Route 33, and I-68. In fact, our state averages over 40,000 car crashes, over 400 deaths, and over 11,000 serious injuries each year. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a West Virginia car accident, order a FREE copy of our consumer guide, The 7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your West Virginia Car Accident Claim then contact the Clarksburg personal injury attorneys at The Miley Legal Group for a FREE consultation - 1-304-326-1800.

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