Vehicle Safety Recalls and Your Legal Rights

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If a safety defect is discovered in a large number of vehicles – such as an entire model year – the company is required to notify its customers and offer them the opportunity to fix or replace the vehicle free of charge. This is called a safety recall. If you receive a notification letter, phone call or e-mail stating your vehicle has been recalled, you should contact a Fairmont attorney. 

Typically, the vehicle’s defect is discovered by the manufacturer of the National Highway Safety Administration after many customers have filed complaints. The manufacturer is then obligated to contact purchasers of the vehicle by a notification letter and advise them of the safety recall. The letter will describe the problem, list any hazards associated with the defect, offer a free remedy and describe the process if the remedy does not fix the problem. 

Remedies may include a free repair or replacement of the vehicle. Even if you do not receive a notification letter but you see that your car has been recalled, you have the right to repair your vehicle. If the repair does not fix your vehicle and the manufacturer will not offer any other remedies, you should contact a Fairmontattorney to discuss your legal options. See our full article about manufacturing and design defects and your legal rights.  

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