Third Party Liability in a West Virginia Defective Product Claim

When you've been in an accident where you've sustained serious injuries, there may be other parties at fault besides the driver whose negligence caused your accident. Defective car seats can cause serious injuries to you or your passengers, and a West Virginia defective product claim may be filed.

Third Parties Liable for Your Defective Car Seat

Third parties that may be held accountable include the:

  • manufacturer of your vehicle;
  • manufacturer of the car seat;
  • distributor of your vehicle;
  • dealership where you bought your vehicle; and
  • repair shop (if you brought it in to get it fixed or checked). 

You or your passengers may sustain serious injuries from a defective car seat, especially in a rear-end collision. If you're in a car accident in West Virginia, it may be difficult to prove that you've sustained additional injuries due to a defective car seat. 

In times when it's a challenge to determine who's at fault, and if any third parties may be liable for your injuries, you should consult an experienced attorney at a Bridgeport defective product firm. Your attorney will conduct a fair and complete evaluation of your case, estimate the value of your West Virginia defective product claim and decide which parties may be held liable.

Contact a Bridgeport Defective Product Firm

Unfortunately, defective products are a regular occurrence in West Virginia. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured from a defective product, contact the Bridgeport defective product firm for a FREE consultation - 1-304-326-1800.

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