Parking Lot Accidents: It Happens More Than You Think

parking lot accident injuries

Parking Lots Can Be Dangerous, Injuries Occur All the Time

     As parking lots begin to get more crowded and certainly during the holidays, you may find yourself in more danger of a parking lot accident.  Cars weaving in and out of parking spots, slow moving cars attempting to dodge pedestrians and even distracted drivers not paying any attention to other drivers can cause a serious accident.  In most instances, parking lot accidents only lead to a fender bender and personal property repair, but there are some that directly lead to the injury of the parties involved. 

     We have represented a number of clients who have been injured by someone in a parking lot, even when they were fully stopped.  Keep in mind that liability becomes trickier, but the rules of the road generally still apply and determining who is liable is very important. 

What to Do After a Parking Lot Accident?

     Whether you are backed into, hit by a moving car or even slammed into by a distracted driver, parking lot accidents can lead to serious injuries like broken bones, concussions and even whiplash.  It is important that if you are involved in a parking lot accident that you take it very seriously.  Even if you just hit , scrape or bump into a parked car, it is important that you take that seriously as well.

     It is important that if you are hit by another driver in the parking lot that you first get any required medical attention and contact law enforcement.  Your priority should be to get yourself the assistance you need, then worry about your car or the claim.  Once you have received the initial treatment you need, then you can focus on the property damage and your potential injury claim.

Parking Lot Accidents and Insurance Claims

     Evidence recorded at the scene will be important for your claim, whether it is just property damage or there were injuries.  Time and time again, your car will get hit by another driver, you only gather their insurance information and they take off.  Next thing you know they are denying they ever struck your car or that it was your fault.  Evidence is especially important if there were injuries.

     Most parking lots are associated with a particular store.  Generally, they will have recording devices that can be accessed, but you should contact store management immediately to ensure that the recording is preserved as many stores loop their tapes and record over the previous week or even day very quickly.  It is also important to get witness information.  Anyone that saw the accident will be key in proving who was liable.  It will also help you when you are battling and experienced insurance adjuster to have someone else sharing the same story as you. 

Accident Claims for Injuries in a Parking Lot

     In the end, a parking lot accident is just like an accident on a roadway.  You were injured, your car was damaged and you want everything to be fixed.  The insurance company is not going to treat you any different and they will never make the process any easier.  You need the best information available to ensure that you are treated fairly. 

     Remember, if you were hit in a parking lot accident, you want to get treatment if necessary, get the information from the driver at fault, any witness information, any possible recordings of the accident and contact an attorney to help you get ready for a fight.  

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