Logbooks and Record of Duty Status in Clarksburg Truck Accident Claim

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When proving negligence in a truck accident claim, your Clarksburg personal injury attorney will look to the logbook for evidence. Commercial drivers who operate semi-trucks are required to track their driving habits, stops, breaks and other parts of their trips so that they can provide means of regulation to the Department of Transportation and other authorities. 

This information is tracked in a logbook, which is sometimes referred to as a Record of Duty Status. Not only is this helpful in regulating drivers, but it also can be useful in a truck accident claim when fault needs to be found. 

Your Clarksburg personal injury attorney should be able to explain the logbook to you and how it works, including what elements you can look for to determine negligence on the part of the driver. These "books" are sometimes paper, but many companies have switched to electronic logs. 

Either way, the logbook should list information like: 

  • work period;
  • rest period;
  • sleeper time; and
  • off/on duty status. 

There are different styles and types of logbooks, as well as different information that can be recorded in each one. In the event of a truck accident or other violation, the Department of Transportation and other authorities can go through this logbook and find out exactly what the trucker has been doing and where he or she was negligent. 

If you have been the victim of a truck accident, you need to know whether a logbook can help your claim. Talk to a Clarksburg personal injury attorney at the Miley Legal Group today to learn more: 1-877-652-1031. 

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