Insurance Adjusters Providing Medical Advice?

Our client was in an accident on Route 50.


She was rear-ended and received extensive injuries to her person.


The insurance adjuster from the at fault driver contacted her.


She was scared and confused. 


The insurance company's adjuster reviewed her claim. 


The insurance adjuster asked our client about her injuries.


The insurance adjuster offered our client under $2,000.


The insurance adjuster told our client that she was not injured and should sign a release.


The insurance adjuster told our client that she should settle now, that their offer was final.


Our client refused to sign a release and accept the low ball offer.


She was still in pain and decided to get additional medical attention.


She contacted The Miley Legal Group through our website with questions on her rights.


We provided sound legal advice and she decided to hire us to represent her.


She was diagnosed with a number of medical conditions directly related to the accident.


We took over her claim with the insurance company, while she continued receiving the treatment she needed to get back to a normal life.


The insurance adjuster attempted to low ball our client's case on a number of occasions.


We provided documentation on the accident and the liability of the insured.


We provided the necessary medical evidence to prove that our client was injured in the accident and how extensive her injuries were.


The insurance company relented and offered a sum significantly more than $2,000.


Insurance companies and their adjusters are out to protect their bottom line, which means hurting yours. Insurance companies won't tell you everything you need to know, but we will!  You have a right to have your medical bills, lost wages, property damage taken care of.  You also have a right to be compensated for your injuries, which includes pain and suffering.  Do not let the insurance adjustor take advantage of you.  We have the information you need!

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