Are truck drivers concerned about safety?

Any trucking accident can result in disastrous consequences for the driver and other motorists. That's why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and state governments regulate the trucking industry so carefully. But it appears that many of the truck drivers themselves aren't very supportive of these rules.

This contrarian attitude is apparent in some of the jokes that truck drivers appreciate. And this humor is illustrated on a new website called Ruthless Trucking that bills itself as a "community for truckers."

Ruthless Trucking Web Site

Ruthless Trucking sells T-shirts, baseball caps, and stickers with colorful pictures and catchy slogans. Some of the items display speeding 18-wheelers and flattened frogs. The site's "Mission Statement" lists tongue-in-cheek bullet points about how Ruthless Truckers never stop for any reason, frequently speed, and eschew safety measures.

It's pretty clear to see that Ruthless Trucking is, in the words of founders Alan Fischler and Greg Lamkin, nothing more than harmless fun. And it's certainly not logical to assume that any trucker displaying a Ruthless Trucking sticker or wearing its apparel is a lawless, dangerous driver.

Jokes Reveal Underlying Attitudes

But when you read between the lines, you can detect an underlying attitude of rebellion against rules and a skewed sense of priorities. Taken to the extreme, such a viewpoint might beget a driver who is concerned only with speed and not with safety or the welfare of others. These are the types of drivers who may be more likely to cause serious (or even deadly) trucking accidents.

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