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  • Fourth of July Fireworks Safety West Virginians can now purchase additional types of fireworks legally. Check out which ones you can buy now and how to safely use them.
  • Diary of Car Accident Victim Read a portion of a car accident victims diary, including how she began to deal with traumatic brain injury, her medical bills and even getting through the Holidays.
  • Post- Accident Photo List Aftermath of an Accident: 8 Crucial Photos for Your Case. Learn what pictures you should get of your accident scene and the vehicles involved to protect your case.
  • Is the insurance adjuster being fair? In most cases the insurance adjuster will not treat your accident claim fairly. Look out for the common signs and get the information you need to deal with unethical insurance representatives.
  • Bitten by a Dog? Who is liable? Get the information you need on your dog bite claim in West Virginia. Let your dog attack attorneys assist you in understanding the claim process and what you need to know to make sure it is successful.
  • Tips to Keep You Safe During a Rear-End Collision The potential for a rear-end collision is high in our area. Discover ways to reduce the amount of damage to you and potentially avoid the rear-end accident all together.
  • Danger Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents Important information on tractor trailer accidents that you need to know. Let your truck accident attorney help you work through your claim.
  • 5 Tips for Safe Bicycling Bicycle accidents are becoming more prevalent with the increase in bikers for sport and health. Your accident lawyers have gathered these helpful tips to make sure you and your loved ones are protected.
  • Out of Court Accident Settlement Offer Should you settle your car accident case out of court? Learn the reasons not to go it alone. Hire an experienced accident attorney who can get the best results for your case.
  • Motorcycle safety prevents accidents What is "T-CLOCS"? Find out by reading our blog post. Help us prevent motorcycle accidents and keep everyone safe during their bike rides. Encourage new riders to take review the checklist provided by your Clarksburg motorcycle attorneys