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  • 3 Myths About Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Effects on Accident Victims Learn the 3 most common myths about traumatic brain injuries and how they impact auto accident victims. Brain Injuries can occur under a lot of different circumstances, make sure you have the information you need.
  • Hiring a lawyer does not mean a trial Just because you hire a lawyer for your accident injury, does not mean you will end up in trial. Find out why and what is the chance you will end up in court.
  • Accident or Crash The term car accident may not be the best use of the word "accident", see why some safety experts want to change the industry to use the word "crash" instead.
  • 90 Fatalities a Day on our Roadways According to CDC, on average in 2013 90 people were killed in car crashes in the U.S. That is one of the highest rates of all high-income countries in the world. Fatal accidents are usually caused by distracted or drunk drivers that lead to devastation for families.
  • What is whiplash? Disclaimer: Not Medical Advise. This post helps you better understand what whiplash is and the possible treatments a medical provider may recommend.
  • Raw Emotions from an Accident Victim Read the raw emotions from an accident victim. Feel the stress, the pain and the anxiety felt by one of our clients as they expressed in an email we received. Hear how a distracted driver has caused a huge amount of grief in the life of one of your neighbors.
  • Accident Lawyer Free Consultation Really FREE You see them all the time, is a free consultation really free? Find out now and get all your accident injury questions answered.
  • Child Injuries Seat Back Failure in Car Accidents Discussion of child injuries caused by front seat backs that break and throw drivers and front passengers onto children in back seats during accidents. Find out what auto manufacturers and federal regulators have or have not done to prevent this type of child injury in car accidents.
  • Should I Report a Slip and Fall Accident? Reporting a Slip and Fall accident is important to protect any claim you may have. Get more information from your accident injury lawyers.
  • Dangers of Daylight Savings Time Is daylight savings time dangerous? A study as presented findings that reflect under some circumstances it can be.