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  • Damages in a Personal Injury Case, What are they? Compensatory vs. punitive damages, what are they, and what can be awarded on an injury claim?
  • Winter Car Accidents Can Have Serious Impact Discover what happens after a car accident in the winter. How does the extreme weather affect an already difficult accident to deal with?
  • Should You Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster After an Auto Accident? A recorded statement after an accident could be detrimental to your claim. Let your accident attorneys explain how giving a recorded statement could hurt your case.
  • Opioid Crisis: Affecting Car Accident Rates With the rise in opioid use across West Virginia, the accident rate due to drugged driving has increased. Read how that can affect your daily life.
  • Protecting Your Baby or Young Child after an Accident Find out what you need to do after your baby or young child has been in an accident. Whether they are in a car, truck or even motorcycle accident, your injury attorneys give you the information you need so that you are prepared to protect you and your family.
  • Road Construction Zone Accident What to do after a road construction zone accident. Get your questions answered and get the information you need after an accident in a construction zone on a highway.
  • How long to file claim How long do I have to file a claim or lawsuit? Is a common question we receive. Find out the answer to this question from your accident attorney.
  • 90 Fatalities a Day on our Roadways According to CDC, on average in 2013 90 people were killed in car crashes in the U.S. That is one of the highest rates of all high-income countries in the world. Fatal accidents are usually caused by distracted or drunk drivers that lead to devastation for families.
  • What is whiplash? Disclaimer: Not Medical Advise. This post helps you better understand what whiplash is and the possible treatments a medical provider may recommend.
  • Raw Emotions from an Accident Victim Read the raw emotions from an accident victim. Feel the stress, the pain and the anxiety felt by one of our clients as they expressed in an email we received. Hear how a distracted driver has caused a huge amount of grief in the life of one of your neighbors.