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  • Phone: 304.931.4088
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  • Toll Free: 888.436.0859
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Our Record Speaks for Itself


Thanks for visiting our results page.  This page is intended merely to show a sampling of the TYPES of cases we have handled, as well as the SERIOUSNESS and SIZE of the types of cases we have handled.

HOWEVER, it is important for you to be aware that the results obtained in a previous case depend upon a variety of factors which are unique to each case and the results of past cases do not necessarily (or in some cases not at all) predict the results of any future case. 

EVERY LEGAL MATTER IS DIFFERENT and the outcome of each case depends upon many factors, including the unique facts of each case.  YOUR CASE is different from everybody else's, and no attorney can guarantee a positive outcome in any case.  Every case has its risks of loss.  As proof, we have won cases that we thought were unwinnable, and we have lost cases that we were certain we would win. 

DO NOT BASE YOUR DECISION TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY OR LAW FIRM SOLELY ON EXAMPLES OF PREVIOUS RESULTS.  The point being, there are so many factors that go into creating a positive outcome in a legal case that you should speak with several different attorneys, ask many questions, and read any material they can provide you so that you comfortable knowing that the attorney or law firm you decide to hire can appropriately handle your legal situation.  

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